The All of Us Project came about after I noticed how many people in minority communities were not fully included because they were marginalised in more than one way, like myself.

I wondered "How could our communities become more interconnected and inclusive"?

In mid 2016 I was awarded the Vodafone New Zealand Fellowship Grant which allowed me to create this project.

I began developing a resource which aimed to share the perspectives and experiences of people who live with multiple layers of marginalisation. I worked alongside mentors and an advisory group made up of people that identified differently to me. It was important to me that the All of Us Project was narrative based and collaborative.

The 14 people illustrated below shared their stories with me to help shape the project and you can read about some of their perspectives and experiances in the booklet. 

I hope that this project can help communities and organisations increase access and meaningful inclusion for people who have multiple minority identities.

Stace is a queer trans guy of Pākehā descent who lives with Cerebral Palsy. He has a background in media arts and has been involved in community organisations in rainbow and disability communities. He is interested in creating more accessible information and spaces so that people with minority identities are not left out.